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Mortgages – proving your income

Proof of income. Anyone who has a mortgage will know that lenders require proof of income before they approve a loan. If you can’t quickly put your hands on the required documents it can lead to delays.

Documents. Directors and employees must usually provide a P60 for the last tax year, but if all or part of your income is from self-employment you’ll need a statement from your accountant. If you don’t have one or don’t want to incur the expense of them writing to the lender, you can instead provide details of income plus an HMRC statement known as an SA302 . This can take weeks to obtain.

Tip. In January 2015 HMRC created a new service for those who file their tax returns online. You can log in and print your own HMRC statement of income. It’s not an SA302 , but the Council of Mortgage Lenders recommends its members accept it in place of one.

If you need to prove your income for the purposes of a mortgage, and all or part of it comes from self-employment, you can now print an HMRC statement using its online service. This will be accepted by most lenders instead of HMRC’s SA302, which can take weeks to obtain.